Explore Becoming an Equine Wellness Coach

Are you someone who has always had a deep love for horses and dreamed of having a career involving them? 

Do you have an internal pull or desire to explore a new career path or generate a additional income alongside what you're currently doing? 

Have you felt isolated and stuck, yearning for a thriving and sustainable career with horses but not knowing where to start?

If these struggles resonate with you, then keep reading because we have an exciting opportunity that could change your life and finally help you achieve your dreams. 
We understand that most equine related fields have a high cost of entry and demand years of study, not to mention the lack of focus on marketing and business skills. This often leaves aspiring horse professionals feeling alone and unsure of how to reach their goals.
We developed the Core Wellness Equine Naturopathy Program differently. This program is specifically designed to cater to your needs, allowing you to learn at your own pace with the support and guidance of experienced mentors. We want to empower you with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful career as an Equine Wellness Coach in as little as 90 days.

A Program Like No Other - Designed for Your Success

Imagine becoming a confident communicator with clients, effortlessly connecting with new potential customers, and enjoying the benefits of diverse income streams. 

Our step-by-step business and marketing strategy has been specially created to help even beginners thrive in the industry. 

With our program, you can overcome the barriers that have held you back and finally achieve the fulfilling career you've always dreamed of.

So, what sets our Core Wellness Equine Naturopathy Program apart from other options in the equine wellness space?

Affordable & Flexible

The cost of most programs, associations, and business mastermind communities simply isn't sustainable or attainable for many entrepreneurs. Our Team is global and join rates vary, but on average you can get started for as little as $309 USD. 

We provide you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace, fitting the program around your current commitments. Whether you have a full-time job, other business ventures, or family responsibilities.

Practical Application

Our program is focused on equipping you with the necessary skills to succeed as a Wellness Coach. We understand that theoretical knowledge alone is not enough. That's why our curriculum emphasizes real-time practical experience, offering you the opportunity to work with real clients under the guidance of experienced professionals. You'll acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied in your career.

Proven Business & Marketing Strategy

In the horse industry, many talented professionals miss out on success simply because they lack marketing & business skills. We don't want that to happen to you. Our program includes a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that will empower you to effectively promote your services, attract clients, and create sustainable income streams. You'll no longer have to face the isolation and uncertainty that often comes with being in business by yourself.

make your dreams a reality

We believe that every passionate horsewoman deserves the opportunity to turn their love for horses into a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. 

With our Core Wellness Equine Naturopathy Program, you can finally break free from the barriers that have held you back and step into a future filled with success and satisfaction.

Don't let the high cost of entry, extensive years of study, and lack of marketing and business skills deter you any longer. 

Invest in yourself and your dreams by joining our program today. Take the first step towards a thriving, fun, and sustainable career path with horses.

To learn more about our program and how it can transform your life, contact us from the options shared further down on this page. We're here to support you in your journey towards becoming a successful Equine Wellness Coach.

Remember, you deserve a career that brings you joy, fulfillment, and financial freedom. Let us guide you towards the path that leads to your dreams.

Saddle up and join us on this incredible journey!

"The biggest take away from the Equine Naturopathy Program was truly how everything in the system is truly connected. Also through the class Angie really taught the language to use to help my clients understand the steps they will have to take and why they are seeing the symptoms they are. " 
~ Sarah Huftalen - Healthihealing 

Your Time is Now

According to Precedence Research, the global health coach market size was accounted at USD 13.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach over USD 25.95 billion by 2030. Now is your time to get into this expanding industry!

In a June 2022 article Forbes stated that “the demand for qualified health coaches—and the number of roles available for these individuals—is increasing every day. Individuals from other fields are now pursuing health coaching as a viable and fulfilling career direction.”

Now more then ever people are aware of how important it is to take control of their health, of their horse's health, and their dog's health! It's time to explore if becoming a Wellness Coach is the right fit for you...

Our program is mentorship and experience based. Hands on, life experience learning. Designed to get you developing a steady income stream faster than traditional certificate programs that have extensive learning material focused to meet time studied quotas versus to ensure you are empowered with the skills, tools, and resources to grow a profitable and fulfilling career and business legacy. 

Level 1

Core Wellness Coach

$309/plus shipping and tax

Let's Get Started

    • $300+ LV Retail Product to Experience & Share
    • Customizable Swipe Social Media Posts
    • Plug and Play Marketing Plan 
    • Level 1 Equine Naturopathy Course ($499 value - instant access)
    • BONUS - Level 1 Canine Naturopathy Course ($499 value - instant access)
    • Continued Business Mentorship & Support
    • ** Additional minimal monthly subscription is required to maintain active status. Varies by country and your goals.


Discover the philosophy of Naturopathy, the real health focused modality. Revealing the truth behind the rising number of illness and disease in horses and how to reserve the trend.


Debunking the myth of complete and balanced nutrition. How to implement whole food based nutrition not created in a lab and that is aligned with the design of the horse.


The best nutrition is void if the delivery system fails to get the nutrients where they need to go... Learn how to guide your clients through a digestive restoration program that ensures the GI tract is balanced & repaired.


Learn how to hold space and guide your clients from a place of neutrality, ensuring they get the best results possible. This is when life experience and mentorship kick in with you completing six case studies with mentorship.


Learn how to hold space and guide your clients from a place of neutrality, ensuring they get the best results possible. This is when life experience and mentorship kick in with you completing six case studies with mentorship.


Gain insider perspectives and Naturopathy views to hot topics like vaccines, the use of bits, and metal shoes. 

"My biggest take home from this course was to not treat the symptoms of the disease but to create good health by starting with the digestive system. "
~ Anna Collis- Harmony For Horses 

Who can you serve as an Equine Wellness Coach?

When you step into becoming a Equine Wellness Coach you can empower horse owners who have tried everything else and feel frustrated but aren't ready to quit. You can share the resources that solve their horse's concern!

You can work with new horse owners, helping them build their knowledge and confidence.

Or seasoned horse owners that know from experience that the traditional ways of caring for their horse is falling short and they're ready to get their horse to a vibrant level of health with quality of life.

Offering solutions for senior horses who present with more chronic or increased number of health concerns.

While keeping young horses vibrant and healthy, preserving their soundness and longevity.

As an Equine Wellness Coach you can build your business locally or choose to work 100% remote and online.

Core Wellness Team Training Hub

Instant Access to the Proven Plan, Launch Sequence, Social Media Posts & Conversation Framework, Effective Mindset Shifting Resources, & More!

Equine Naturopathy

Gain instant access to the full Equine Naturopathy Course and Mentorship program.

BONUS - Canine Naturopathy

Gain instant access to the full Canine Naturopathy Course and Mentorship program.

Expanding the Value of What You Currently Offer

Being an Equine Wellness Coach doesn't have to be a stand alone business or service. Although it certainly can be...

Many equine professionals are choosing to add Wellness Coach to what they currently offer to serve their clients with the goals they have for their horse.

From performance riders and trainers who want their equine athlete to have the competitive edge and who want to achieve peak performance levels with the horses they work with.

Or the horse rescue and equine advocates who need the skills to support troubled, abandoned, abused, and neglected horses in the most effective and affordable way possible. 

To body workers and alternative health practitioners who experience limits in results due to imbalanced lifestyle that the horse lives. From nutrition concerns to general equine husbandry. 

Adding Wellness Coach to your training and experience expands your credibility and the value that you provide to your clients. 

Your Next Step

We are here to help you take the next step. You may have questions and need additional information before you're ready to decide. 

That's okay. 

You might be ready to dive in and get started on our Team and we are ready to connect and get you off to a streamlined start!

Because we are an international team, we need to be sure to share the right link with you in order for you to make your initial investment to join our Team.