A Breakthrough for Equine Laminitis

New Discoveries for Treating Laminitis in Horses

With equine laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, PPID, horse founder, and more all being on the rise, as horse owners we are always seeking new treatments for laminitis in horses and all of the metabolic-related conditions that are like it. We already discussed the undeniable link of oxidative stress to these conditions in our post – The Hidden Connection to Cushings Syndrome, Laminitis, and More…

In that post, we introduced the Nrf2 pathway and how activating it in your horse with a natural supplement option could serve you in reducing oxidative stress up to 40% in 30 days! Revealing why Nrf2 activation should be recognized and at the very least explored as a viable option for treating laminitis in horses and other equine metabolic diseases.

Are there other pathways that can be activated and utilized to improve your horse’s health? The answer is a resounding YES!

AMPK a Possible New Support for Equine Laminitis

AMPK (activated protein kinase) plays a key role as a master regulator of cellular energy and metabolism homeostasis. It’s crucial for the regulation of both lipid and glucose metabolism. In humans, AMPK is considered to be a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus, obesity, and cancer.


According to a medically published study exploring the prevention and treating laminitis in horses:

Laminitis is a consequence of primary disease processes elsewhere in the body. The key pathophysiologic events are insulin dysregulation in endocrinopathic laminitis, ischemia in supporting limb laminitis, and inflammation in sepsis-related laminitis. These apparently disparate mechanisms converge to cause lamellar attachment failure through epithelial cell adhesion loss and stretch, possibly mediated by common growth factor signaling pathways. Tissue damage through mechanical distraction, inflammation, pain, and a proliferative epithelial healing response are features of acute laminitis regardless of the cause. Preventive and treatment strategies based on knowledge of these unique and common mechanistic events are likely to improve clinical outcomes.~ van Eps AW, Burns TA. Are There Shared Mechanisms in the Pathophysiology of Different Clinical Forms of Laminitis and What Are the Implications for Prevention and Treatment? Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract. 2019 Aug;35(2):379-398. doi: 10.1016/j.cveq.2019.04.001. Epub 2019 May 22. PMID: 31126692.

This statement highlights the connection to insulin dysregulation, as well as common growth factor signaling pathways…Utilizing pathways such as Nrf2, Nrf1, and even AMPK are cell signaling pathways that have been utilized to benefit health in countless studies. A quick search on reveals an extensive list of various studies of success that activating these pathways has had on various conditions and concerns.

How to Activate the AMPK Pathway for Your Horse Naturally

There are herbs that have been utilized to activate AMPK for horses. The two most common are Barberry and Jiaohgulan.

Barberry is known to benefit health in times of excessive dental tartar, gum irritation aka gingivitis, kidney or bladder conditions, and arthritis, but the natural compound alkaloid, berberine has been found to trigger the activation of the AMPK pathway. Jiaogulan is known for promoting circulatory flow for horses and improving respiratory health, it’s also linked to activating the AMPK pathway. 

There are cautions with utilizing this herb with NSAIDs and other pharmaceutical medications, if your horse is currently on prescriptions consult with your veterinarian. If these commonly used herbs for laminitis horses are known to activate the AMPK pathway and people have been utilizing them in their laminitis recovery plan, why aren’t the results more effective? The good news is there was research already available to unravel this mystery as well.

In an extensive 15-page study, you can click here to unpack completely, a shocking link was discovered in regards to effectively activating the AMPK pathway…

Our findings revealed that the functional intersection of the AMP-activated protein kinase pathway (AMPK) and nuclear factor erythroid-2-related factor-2 pathway (Nrf2) is necessary for the anti-inflammatory effect of berberine. Uncovering the connection of these two signal pathways sheds a light on the way to further explore the relationship between energy homeostasis and antioxidative response. A better understanding of such a relationship is undoubtedly important in searching for new therapeutic solutions for human diseases. 

These studies expose and further connect how impactful the Nrf2 pathway and its activation can be to your horse’s health. It can also shed a better understanding of why those who have chosen to utilize Nrf2 activation in their horse’s laminitis recovery plan, have seen some amazing benefits.

The best supplement for foundered horses, lamintic horses, or those with any equine metabolic concern would be one that seeks to activate the body in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress on its own naturally.

Ultimately, how long it takes for laminitis to get better or if Nrf2 activation can serve as a way to reduce laminitis recovery time needs further exploration. Reviewing studies like this gives insight on why utilizing a home remedy for founder, turmeric for laminitis, or even utilizing homeopathic remedies for laminitis in horses without devising a complete recovery plan will leave you frustrated with minimal results.

Reversing laminitis in horses is a complex journey, but one that is manageable with the right resources and guidance. Studying into symptoms of founder in horses, laminitis prevention, or ensuring your farrier knows how to trim a foundered horse hoof are additional ways you can maximize your results as you aim to overcome or even avoid this problem in your horse.

Promising Health Promoting Solutions

The natural Nrf2 activation product we share isn’t to be considered a treatment for equine laminitis or any other disease. Our focus is on recovering and restoring health not treating or managing disease.

Connect with your Core Wellness Coach today, if you're not yet working with a coach - click here and one of our Core Wellness Coaches will be in touch to tell you more about how Nrf2 activation works in overcoming equine metabolic imbalances. We understand that selecting the right health-promoting supplements can be overwhelming. Let us support you on the journey to improving your horse’s health.

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