3 Critical Factors to Eliminate Itching for Your Dog

If your dog is itching, has skin irritations, gunk-filled ears, frequent ear infections, licks his/her paws raw, or any of the signs that are commonly linked to allergies… This is a blog post that can bring new awareness to you and relief to your dog if you take control of the 3 critical factors to eliminate itching for your dog.

Typically, when you seek medical treatment for these concerns you will progress down a path that you are promised will help you pinpoint the allergens, and with the use of individualized serums that have been created based on your dog’s specific allergy test results, relief and improvement will come. Sadly, this is often not the result that is delivered. 

If you never make it to the customized allergy testing, you’ll be on a frustrating journey of changing your dog’s food every 1 to 3 months and rotating on various medications that are often expensive and do very little to generate long-term relief.

You’re likely thinking, there must be a better way… Here at Core Wellness, we believe that there is a simple, more affordable way to get to the root cause of the irritation and inflammation that is wreaking havoc on your dog’s quality of life!

Our intent is to expose 3 critical factors you can take action on today to create a shift in your dog’s health that will generate long-term benefits and results. 

If your dog is experiencing itching and allergy-related concerns, it’s accurate to say that your dog’s immune system is overreactive to specific diet and environmental factors. But rather than try to create a space where no allergen exists to trigger your dog or suppress the immune system that is important to your dog’s overall well-being… We want to instead seek options that boost health and trigger recovery and balance in the body.

The first critical factor you must consider is whether the current diet you’re feeding your dog is primarily “hot”,“cold”, or “neutral”. Most kibbles on the market are a blend of “hot” ingredients that are increasing inflammation, heat, and irritation within the body. 

Oftentimes shifting to a more neutral or cooler diet will create dramatic shifts in your dog’s itching and discomfort. You can use the chart below to start your journey into reviewing your dog’s current diet and begin making a transition right away. If you’d like experienced support and feedback on food selection, we can connect you with a Canine Wellness Coach to empower you with the guidance you need to make the best decision for your dog’s unique preferences. 

Sadly, most veterinarians or pet store workers have no education specific to nutrition, especially food energy… Both the medical field and the retail field education and experience in dog nutrition rely on the pet food manufacturers' education.

Our Canine Wellness Coaches have access to Canine Naturopathy Nutrition resources that equip them to share simple and effective options designed for your dog’s quality of life and longevity. 

Once you begin making the needed shifts to your dog’s nutrition it’s time to repair and restore the digestive system. This is critical factor #2, to eliminate your dog’s itching. Oftentimes dogs with itching conditions are experiencing leaky gut and other digestive imbalances that are in need of restoration.

It’s likely you already have your dog on a probiotic, sadly this is often not enough to repair the damage within the GI tract… Explore adding a canned or freeze-dried tripe or collagen support to your dog’s nutrition plan to help restore and bring balance to the digestive system.

The third and final critical factor to generate vibrant health and eliminate your dog’s itching is to drastically reduce the main contributing cause of inflammation within your dog’s body!

Dogs that are itching, licking, scratching, and even scooting often are experiencing a high amount of inflammation internally. Because of this reality, it’s important to take action in offsetting this imbalance. 

The root cause of inflammation within your dog’s body is oxidative stress. And you have a natural, effective, and scientifically proven way to reduce your dog’s oxidative stress by as much as 40% in 30 days by activating the Nrf2 pathway with a daily supplement.

We are confident that if you choose to implement steps to support these 3 critical factors, you will see positive shifts in eliminating your dog’s itching and discomfort. 

When you focus on restoring health instead of treating and masking symptoms the body can find balance and get back to the vibrant health it was created to experience naturally. 

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