Activating Your Horse’s Skin Health & Vitality

Boosting the resilience of your horse’s coat of armor

Your horse’s skin communicates far more than you might realize. It’s the outer defense and one of the largest elimination organs in the body. Protecting and serving the health and vitality of your horse’s skin should be a priority for all horse owners. It’s just as important as nutrition, digestive health care, and any other part of your care routine.

Oxidative stress is a concern that dramatically impacts the health of the skin. According to a study published by Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

“Skin cells are constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidative stress from exogenous and endogenous sources. UV radiation is the most important environmental factor in the development of skin cancer and skin aging. The primary products caused by UV exposure are generally direct DNA oxidation or generation of free radicals which form and decompose extremely quickly but can produce effects that can last for hours, days, or even years. UV-induced generation of ROS in the skin develops oxidative stress when their formation exceeds the antioxidant defense ability. The reduction of oxidative stress can be achieved on two levels: by lowering exposure to UVR and/or by increasing levels of antioxidant defense in order to scavenge ROS. The only endogenous protection of our skin is melanin and enzymatic antioxidants.”

So what can we do to reduce the oxidative stress attacks that our horse’s skin faces every day?

First, we can provide shade that is readily available for our horse to self-regulate their time in the sun.

Secondly, we can utilize Nrf2 activation skin products when applicable and appropriate to support skin conditions and concerns.

Yes, your horse’s skin is the largest elimination organ… but it’s important to remember that your horse’s skin is continually working in synergy with the liver, kidneys, lung, and intestines to clear the body of morbid waste and toxins.

If your horse is experiencing a skin concern, it’s likely a sign of an imbalance deeper in the body and it’s best to explore and pinpoint a cause, before merely masking it at the surface level.

But reaching for Nrf2 activation skincare can be a great option once you’ve explored the cause and are focused on boosting the health of the skin. The image shared above is of one of my personal horses’, his name is Peppy, and as you can see he is at risk of sunburn and raised oxidative stress on his un-pigmented skin on his nose. I try to use a fly mask with a nose protector as often as he will leave it on but since learning the benefits of the Nrf2 activated skincare I use it for myself… I decided to apply it to Peppy to see how it helped him. The image is just the first few days of our ongoing experiment, so far I’m pleased with his results.

For Peppy I used the Perfecting Lotion and Anti-aging Creme once daily. I started with the Eye Serum as I had extra around the house, but decided to switch over to the Anti-aging creme. Let’s look at a few of the ingredients to see why we can expect positive results in reducing the oxidative stress of the skin, therefore boosting the overall health of the skin.

A few of the herbal ingredients in this Nrf2 activated skincare:

  • Turmeric Root – aids in protecting against cellular stress. Serving as a super antioxidant that helps reduce skin irritation and protects skin from environmental aggressors by fighting free radicals.

  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract– Enhances the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation and restoration.

  • Milk Thistle Extract- which is known to contain silymarin and silibinin that have been shown to have skin protective properties against environmental threats to the outer portions of the skin layer.

  • Green Tea- Adding another antioxidant defense against externally induced free radicals all while soothing damaged skin.

  • Brassica Family Extracts– this genus of plants contain and enhance the Nrf2 technology already present in the products to help protect against cellular stress. It contains isothiocyanates which help protect against cellular stress in the skin caused by environmental aggressors.

These are just a few ingredients and benefits you can expect from utilizing these amazing skincare products for yourself or even for your horse. Get back to the person that shared Health Activated Horse with you, to learn more.

Another powerful reference to review with this post is a Medically Published Science on Nrf2 activation and skin cancer - click here to review.

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