Oxidative Stress and Allergies

Reading between the lines & gathering the why behind the what

Back when I first heard of Nrf2 activation and how the product we utilize is proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days, I was over the moon ecstatic, and blown away.  But that’s because, in my line of focus and work, I had a strong foundation and understanding of the impact oxidative stress has on health.

Maybe you hear that reduction percent and you think “so what” and that’s okay… it simply means you need more time to explore and understand the connection that oxidative stress has to almost EVERY health condition you can think of.

Once you start to see that for yourself when you hear that a natural supplement is scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days… it might begin to sound more like what it sounds like to me… “you have just been blessed with a way to drastically reduce the leading cause of illness and disease” That’s still what I hear in my mind every time and it’s why I share, believe in, use, and recommend this product openly and proudly.

The Current State of Equine Allergies

If your horse is experiencing allergies then you already know that traditionally the only options that will be recommended for you will be antihistamines and steroids. Over time the body will build resistance to these meds and your horse will continue to suffer and the relief that is created will subside.

I wish I knew the statistics of what horse owners spend on extensive tests to see what their horses are allergic to. Because I know the number would be staggering. I work with clients who receive long lists of things that their horse tested allergic to and they often include different bugs, grasses, and plants.

Did you catch that?!?

Horses are becoming allergic to nature and the environment! To the very surroundings, they must live in and the best solution given is to keep the horse away from these irritants and triggers. Then suppress the remaining histamine response with meds.

Forgive me for thinking this is crazy… but I think we are doing something wrong when a horse becomes allergic to bugs, plants, and grass!

Maybe you share my same concern but currently, your horse might be in this category and you don’t know what to do.

Horses are nature in its finest form…

The best thing you can do for any horse experiencing health concerns is to get their lifestyle and diet as close to nature and to their design as you can. You can do that by getting your horse’s care in line with the Principles of Naturopathy.

In my experience diet, nutrition, and digestive support are the top three offenders or areas that horse owners MUST address to see improvements in health in any time of concern. Once you do that the next place to look is your horse’s cellular health.

How are their cells coping and processing the data of life, their climate, and the environment? Allergies are a clear sign that the cells are not coping well and that assistance is needed.

Research and studies have shown in people that there is a link between antioxidants and allergies. Specifically when someone is deficient in antioxidants the number of allergic reactions that develop increases over time.

Further studies on horses show that respiratory concerns, which many horses with allergies have, increase oxidative stress.

If your horse is experiencing allergies there is likely an abundance of free radicals damaging the cells and causing malfunction, and at the same time because of the allergies, your horse is experiencing even higher free radical damage and concern.

Having a clean diet and utilizing herbs and natural remedies high in antioxidants will help. But it’s like dumping a bucket of water on a barn fire…If you want to effectively take action and reduce the free radicals in your horse’s body. Nrf2 activation is where you need to begin. When you understand the cause of your horse’s allergies, utilizing a product that can reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days should start to feel like a logical approach. Not something to be skeptical or uncertain of. But any questions you might have we are happy to answer. Click here to connect with a Core Wellness Coach today.

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