What are the benefits of working with a Wellness Coach?

Wellness Coaches are mentors and advocates who empower others to discover and explore resources, viewpoints, and understandings of health that are overlooked by the traditional medical and health field. 

Essentially, a wellness coach serves in helping others on a path of improved quality of life and longevity. And here at Core Wellness, we have coaches that range in specialization from human health, horse health, and dog health.

We understand that you’re looking to feel better and have an improved health span! After all, we don’t just want to live longer… What is extended life without the ability to do the things you love because of aches, pains, fatigue, brain fog, or the laundry list of other health concerns plaguing the population as a whole?

In a recent article, the New York Times estimated that there are on average 133 million Americans suffering from one or more chronic health conditions… They went on to delve into the topic of health coaching - with the article titled We Could All Use a Health Coach.

And if you own a horse or a dog, you’re likely aware of the reality that health conditions in our furry friends are also on the rise. So health coaching isn’t reserved for humans alone.

Working with a Wellness Coach allows you an alternative perspective that often explores ideas and solutions outside the norm and flow of what everyone else is doing… Because let’s be real here and admit that typically what the masses are doing isn’t working that well. 

Having an alternative perspective can ignite fresh thoughts and new opportunities you wouldn’t have found any other way. Your Wellness Coach serves as your guide and mentor which offers empowerment, accountability, open conversation, and insight. A stark contrast to the “do what I tell you and don’t ask questions” approach you’ll get from most experts and professionals.

The goal of a Wellness Coach is to build your confidence and understanding of the area of health you’re focused on, in a way that generates a sense of peace, ease, and flow in making decisions in lifestyle, care, nutrition, parasite control, natural remedies, and MORE! 

Imagine for a moment you’re in a dark room. There is no light to be seen. Naturally, you’re searching for light. Even the faintest light would be a ray of hope. 

This can be how you feel when you’re experiencing a health concern. It can also be how you feel when your horse or dog is suffering from health issues. 

As you search for light, there appear to be glimpses of light everywhere. Like flashlights and lighters all around but your desire is to light the whole room. You have an internal knowledge that this room should be fully lit.

Suddenly with a flip of a switch radiant light fills the entire room. Because you went to the source of the light and turned it on, instead of chasing out the darkness with small beams of light. 

This dark room can serve as a simple analogy for health. Whether it be your health, your horse’s health, or your dog’s health. The darkness of imbalance, disease, symptoms, injury, and illness can creep in over time or come on suddenly. Leaving you with the dark room we started with at the beginning of the illustration.

What typically happens when you seek assistance with health concerns, is the solutions offered are focused on “eliminating the darkness” and to some extent they work at least a little bit… Whether it’s allopathic medications or you’re working with alternative therapies it delivers some result but you have a desire for more than what you’re seeing. These solutions are like flashlights shining a little light in a dark space. Ultimately they treat or manage the darkness, they don’t overcome it. 

Our Core Wellness Coaches are equipped to flip the switch on health. They aren’t focused on the darkness… They know where the light switch is and will guide you in flipping it allowing radiant vitality to shine its light to whatever capacity the body can receive. 
Are you ready to take the next steps in working with a Wellness Coach? 

We invite you to share more about your goals and specific focus by clicking here so that we can connect you with the best fit from our amazing Core Wellness Coach Team!

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