Are you looking for a simple and effective way to drastically improve your dog's health?

If so here's the perfect solution! 

The Canine Digestive Health Restoration Program is designed to help rejuvenate your dog's GI tract and boost their immune system. 

When you improve your dog's digestive health, you can expect a wide range of health benefits to follow from the sheen and softness of your dog's coat, improved overall skin condition, and so much MORE.

Most products and approaches only focus on portions of the GI tract...

But when you unlock your instant access to our exclusive 4 week step-by-step program, you will be empowered with the information and resources you need to restore all aspects of your dog's digestive system!

Canine Digestive Restoration Challenge



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  • 4 Week Step by Step Care Routine
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Signs that this digestive restoration routine is the right fit for your dog...

Excessive anxiety or nervous behavior

Dogs that are consistently anxious are clearly expressing that they are uncomfortable and something is off balance. 

It's common for these dogs to have GI tract concerns and frequent digestive issues that can lead to even more serious problems if not cared for.

Frequent diarrhea, vomiting, or bum scooting 

Clearly dog's with any history of digestive imbalance will benefit from the Canine Digestive Health Restoration Challenge!

From occasional vomiting, to frequent stool inconsistency, to bum scooting... No matter what area of the digestive system your dog's concerns are centered this program covers the health of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. 

Implement this simple step by step system into your current care routine and get ready to see the tangible results.

Allergies & Skin Conditions

Skin vitality and an optimized immune system are directly linked to the function of the digestive system! 

Allergies are understood to be a response of the immune system and many natural health practitioners believe concerns like leaky gut are the cause of allergy reactions. 

Ensuring that your dog's GI tract is flowing and functioning at its best serves to support a myriad of imbalances. 

Ear conditions

Whether your dog experiences occasional, seasonal, or chronic ear concerns, boosting and restoring the GI tract will have a positive impact on the function of your dog's immune system and detox systems. Often reducing morbid build up in the ears that leads to discomfort and increased risk of infection.

Dogs in sickness & in health

The truth is we can't fit ALL of the dogs that would benefit from the Canine Digestive Horse Restoration Challenge on one page!

The digestive system serves your dog's body in nutrient absorption and assimilation. If it's not functioning at it's peak performance your hard earned money is wasted on feed and nutrition the dog isn't utilizing.

By stimulating balance and recovery within the GI tract you will not only see the positive shifts in your dog's health but you can rest assured that the nutrition you work so hard to get right for your dog is being put to work throughout the body, providing the longevity and results that you desire and your dog deserves!

Canine Digestive Restoration Challenge


Enroll Now
  • 4 Week Step by Step Care Routine
  • Online access from phone or computer 

Core Wellness Coach - Angie Wells

Your guide and support through this step-by-step 4 week program will be author, speaker, and Animal Naturopath Angie Wells.

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