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We are excited to have you serve as a difference maker on the Core Wellness Team!

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Is Wellness Coaching a good fit for you?

Do you love talking about health and wellness?
If you're answer is yes. You're on the right track!
Do you feel called to share your own experience with transforming your health, your horse's health, or your dog's health?
This question is more about exploration. Ultimately, you don't have to have a personal story or journey to share in order to be an amazing Wellness Coach!
Do you like to help others tap into and see their own strengths?
Oftentimes, Wellness Coaches can see things in others that they don't see themselves... Utilizing this gift helps others on their journey whether they are focused on their health, their horse's health, or even their dog's health. A little uplifting and encouragement goes a long way!
Do you feel called to help others reclaim their health, their horse's health, or even their dog's health?
Typically, those who thrive being a Wellness Coach have a heart for seeing others reclaim health. Whether that client is a person, a horse, or a dog... There is something so rewarding in seeing quality of life improve and hope of longevity returned!
Are you looking to leverage your time?
This question is specific to becoming a Core Wellness Coach. Not all Wellness Coaching opportunities are created equal. 

Those who fit best into our team culture are those who have a drive to experience more work life balance. Who have a hunger for increasing time freedom.

If it's important to you to invest your time and effort into something that can offer leverage and more freedom in return, you're in the right place.

But if a rigid schedule of back to back consults, no shows, cancellations, extensive travel, and always trading time for money is appealing to you; joining our team wouldn't be a fit for you.

Yes, there is working in developing a Wellness Coaching business! But we have a step by step plan for ensuring leverage is developed in the process.
Do you need a flexible option to generate additional income?
Although you can start your Wellness Coaching business as your sole focus and pursuit. 

Many, in fact, most of our Core Wellness Coaches started and even choose to continue to do there Wellness Coaching business alongside other work or business related focuses. 

Serving as a Wellness Coach is flexible and allows for you to continue to wear all the hats you must wear in your life, while opening the door to additional cash flow.