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Healthy as a Horse Paperback

No matter what your horse's health is currently like, Healthy as a Horse offers an age-old, natural, yet forgotten framework for improving the quality of your horse's life; raising the bar of their wellness, and allowing your horse to experience the vibrant health they deserve.

Angie Wells, internationally known expert on natural horse health, reveals practical principles that will empower you with the roadmap you need to transform the results you get with your horse's health and care. If your horse isn't greeting you at the gate, is resistant or dull to your cues, or is experiencing negative health conditions… It isn't your fault. And contrary to what some vets and equine professionals might lead you to believe, it certainly isn't normal!

Healthy as a Horse will revolutionize the way you think about and approach your horse's care and lifestyle; equipping you with the tools and information you need to optimize your horse's performance, reinvigorating their zest for life, and accessing the "horse play" and exuberance they are naturally known for.

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