Crucial for Vibrant Health 

Clean nutrition is a pillar to radiant wellness! No more feeding chemical laden, synthetic ridden, over processed junk food to your horse.

Serving Western Colorado

Core Wellness Animal Naturopathy is proud to bring the Wild Fed Horse Products to the Western Slope!

You can order and experience the amazing herbal blends shipped to your door throughout the United States...

But we proudly carry and offer the whole-food based, clean hay pellet for our local Colorado clients and customers.

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"I am overjoyed to find a brand with not only alignment in the vision of protecting and sharing the value of the wild, but one that can offer my horses the health required to endure hundreds of miles and train for an upcoming expedition across North America.  If you are looking to recreate the healthiest, wildest and most nutritious diet for your horse, WILD FED is the best!  It was formulated using ingredients upon which horses would naturally graze and include a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.  After my 800 mile journey, my horses' coats were glowing, they maintained their weight perfectly and were happy and balanced.  I could not have asked more from a sponsor and will always stand by this incredible feed.  Thank you WILD FED for sponsoring our last Riding Wild Expedition."
~Anna Gottwald - 

Why Wild Fed Horse?

Wild Fed Horse Feed is made from whole foods: grasses grains, seeds and herbs, all of which are a part of a horse’s natural diet. 

No other product on the market contains a whole foods based feed, which has been formulated and laboratory tested to meet all of your horse’s daily nutritional needs without having to add in synthetic or isolated nutrients.

Wild Fed Horse is about creating products as nature intended… using ingredients that animals would normally eat in their wild state, and are as unprocessed as possible.
When I came back to the west coast after many years competing on the east, the condition of my horses in training was not as good as I would like due to lack of adequate pasture. A student of mine introduced me to Wild Fed and we put her horse on the product. We noticed improvement in his topline and overall condition within days!!
Needless to say, now all of the horses in my program are on it. Many thanks for your fantastic product, Wild Fed!!
~ Liza Horan,International 
Event Rider, Former NARYC Coach, USET 3 Time Developing Rider

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We are here to support you in getting your horse on Wild Fed whether your in our service area within the Western Slope of Colorado or beyond!


Non-GMO Orchard Grass Non-GMO Alfalfa and Non-GMO Timothy Grass, Organic Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Rosehips, Organic Red Clover leaf and blossom, Organic Probiotic, Trace Mineral Salt, Organic Selenium Yeast and Organic Zinc Methionate.

Wild Fed Horse Feed is a whole foods based, complete feed made to mimic a horse’s natural diet. Made with Organic and Non- GMO ingredients.